Magda Archer Art

London based artist Magda Archer is known for her colourful pieces that are often lighthearted and kitschy but are also satirical. She studied at Ravensbourne College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art before embarking on a series of exhibitions, including Crazy Mad in 2011 at The Cornerhouse, Manchester and #givemeeverythingandnothingbaby. Magda Archer’s art has been utilised by a variety of companies, such as Blue Q, Comme des Garcons and Marc Jacobs. Outside art making, Magda's interests include terriers, comic book art, aliens and space, customising denim jackets and painting leather ones and, as she puts it, ‘ham fisted song writing’.

Sarcastic text & cute cartoon imagery

At times Magda Archer's art  can be savage and sarcastic, but here at Third Drawer Down UK, we love her dark humour and use of irony, paired so well with nostalgic imagery. Magda Archer's art showcases a cynical outlook on life in the most authentic and sweet way possible. Magda Archer's print is perfect for the person in your life who is not afraid of a conversation starter, a bit of banter in a wholesomely cute yet satirical manner.

Honest and guaranteed to start conversations

"Shut up for a bit", "My life is crap", "We're in the shit" on a Magda Archer print? Who wouldn't want that? We've got them and more on our website, so make sure you check Magda Archer gifts at Third Drawer Down UK. Gift it to that sarcastic person in your life, to that someone who just needs to chill out for a bit, or grab one for yourself to display proudly. We know that Magda Archer's tea towels and Magda Archer's posters are great conversation starters in your home, great to break the ice when you have guests come over. Trust us on that one, we've tried and tested them for you!

A curated list of Magda Archer art at Third Drawer Down UK

By art lovers and for art lovers, we've curated a list of Magda Archer's art, picked out by our founder Abi herself, to create a line of accessible art for your home. From lunch tins, tea towels, clutches to magnets, our range of Magda Archer gifts will give you a bit of a chuckle and leave you smiling for days. Shop for Magda Archer art today at Third Drawer Down UK.