Judy Chicago Art

A feminist like no other

She's on the top of our list of favourite collaborators for very good reasons, and one of them is that she's a feminist icon like no other. Not only is Judy Chicago an artist with a phenomenal reputation, but she's also a role model and a pioneer of the feminist art movement, celebrating the female identity. Judy Chicago's artwork includes paintings, sculptures, installations amongst a range of other techniques.

The Dinner Party

Judy Chicago's artwork The Dinner Party (1974 - 1979), now housed at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art in the Brooklyn Museum, New York, is one of the most significant works in feminist art history. Why is this particular Judy Chicago feminist art piece so striking, you ask? It's an epic feminist artwork that sees 39 place settings around a triangular table set to honour 39 famous fictitious and historical women. The place settings also included abstract representations of vaginas for the women at the table. Needless to say, critics had a lot to express about Judy Chicago's feminist art. Nonetheless, The Dinner Party turned out to be very popular with the general public and its feminist message really captivated her audience.

Celebrate Judy Chicago's art at Third Drawer Down UK

If you ever come down to visit us in our store in Melbourne, Australia, you might come across one of Judy Chicago's artwork in the form of a silk scarf on our studio wall, or a set of coasters or a teatowel. Here at Third Drawer Down, we love Judy Chicago art! It's of no surprise that her work is part of our curated collection of artful objects.

Take a look at our range of Judy Chicago art pieces on our website today and grab one for yourself or the true feminist in your life.