Kaylene Whiskey Art

A combination of cartoons and colours, closely connected to history

Kaylene Whiskey perfectly creates comic book-like worlds on her canvases that are instantly nostalgic and captivating and is part of the talented collective Iwantja Arts, the art centre in the Indulkana Community. Kaylene Whiskey's art, being so colourful and whimsical, brings out the happiness in her audience and is definitely art that will make you want to dance in celebration. Strong women are honoured in her piece and she has a real talent at merging pop culture with her daily life and personal experiences. A common strong message in her art is "have a good time but look after your sisters." which you can clearly see displayed through Kaylene Whiskey's prints.

Have a good time but look after your sisters

Kaylene Whiskey's prints celebrate strong female characters with icons like Tina Turner, Dolly Parton and Wonder Woman depicted in a style very specific to her, blending all these characters into her contemporary pieces. A lot of Kaylene Whiskey's art circles around the stories of the Seven Sisters, an important story for the Anangu, but also for all Australian Indigenous communities. Due to the story being sacred, Kaylene Whiskey only depicts certain elements of it  in her art, combining it with other moments from pop culture.

Kaylene Whiskey art for sale at Third Drawer Down UK

It is such an honour for us to be able to collaborate with such an iconic Australian artist here at Third Drawer Down UK and we are so excited to have Kaylene Whiskey as part of our Third Drawer Down artist family. If you've been eyeing our tea towels or mugs with Kaylene Whiskey's prints of Dolly Parton and Tina Turner, or her famous Seven Sistas work, then you are in absolutely the right place. Celebrate the strong women in your life by gifting them a piece of Kaylene Whiskey art for sale here at Third Drawer Down UK.