David Shrigley Art

David Shrigley is known for his drawings, publications and sculptural works featuring the kind of throwaway beauty that spotlights aliens, idiots, monster children and bad parents. 

Nothing more truthful and attention-grabbing than David Shrigley artwork

If you've come across David Shrigley art before, you might already be aware of his dry-wit humour and clever observations that are beautifully (and hilariously!) translated through his artwork. David Shrigley's artwork can be seen through different types of media, such as paintings, prints, sculptures, photography amongst others.

You might have been lucky to bump into his giant sculpture 'Thumbs Up' in London a few years back, which was seen as a positive and friendly gesture to what seemed at the time, awaiting a very uncertain future. If you've missed out on this historical moment though, worry not, because, at Third Drawer Down, you can get your own personal 'Thumbs Up' for your home. We made sure to resize the sculpture so that it actually fits into your home, in the cute size of a candle!

David Shrigley Art at Third Drawer Down

Since first collaborating with Third Drawer Down Studio in 2007, Shrigley's works have remained a favourite for their humorous angst and cynicism about the disappointments of everyday life.

A range that will leave you with a bit of a chuckle

If you're one for a good laugh or a bit of a chuckle, then David Shrigley's art is definitely one that you should consider. Looking for the perfect gift for that fun-loving person in your life? Look no further! Check out our range of David Shrigley artwork and David Shrigley prints for sale online at Third Drawer Down Uk.