Adam JK Art

Who is Adam J Kurtz? 

Toronto-born, Honolulu-based Adam J. Kurtz (aka Adam JK) is a designer, artist, and speaker who shot to internet fame for his honest, humorous, and at times slightly dark, illustrative work. Kurtz embodies a sense of hopeful realism and backhanded optimism that has resonated with audiences around the globe. His text-based works are weird, fun, sentimental and often literal, encouraging us to be more okay with how things are and what we’ve got. Kurtz has been invited to speak at major galleries around the world, collaborated with clients across a range of industries, and published books that have been translated into over a dozen languages.

Adam J Kurtz, also known as Adam JK is a remarkable and wildly creative Canadian artist now based in Honolulu. Mostly known for creating art by channelling true human sentiments and emotions, Adam JK art is honest, funny and a little bit on the dark side. Adam J Kurtz is not only exceptional at illustrating, but is also a talented designer, speaker and adept writer with his books translated into different languages and sold worldwide.


Creating art that pushes the bar

If there's one thing you need to take away from Adam JK's art is to live fearlessly, to create, make and give your all in this life in order to express your true self. Adam J Kurtz aim is for his audience to take guidance in his art to push themselves; to be more creative, be ok with who they are and what they have. If you have already come across Adam J Kurtz on his social media platforms, you would know that he is blunt and communicates his feelings openly and genuinely, and this is truly reflected in his artwork.


Embracing life as it is

Adam JK art is all about embracing life as it is, no matter how tough it gets, because that's just how life is. It's ok to not be ok sometimes and not have everything figured out in life, and we 100% agree with that! Here, at Third Drawer Down, we love to create collaborations with artists that share our same values and ethos and Adam J Kurtz fits right into our family for that exact reason.


"Good things happen. Love is real. We will be okay."

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