Fun and Unique Homewares Online

If the names David Shrigley, Magda Archer or Yayoi Kusama give you goosebumps in all the right places, you're in the right spot! Stick around, we promise you won't be disappointed with the homewares online we have for you!


Art up your home with a collection of eclectic and unique homewares

Look, we get it, you might already have perfectly good homewares at home, but are they unique and artsy? They might... but let's be honest, you won't find giant corn stools and art on linen aka tea towels quite like ours! These designer homewares will definitely liven up your kitchen conversations, and sometimes you need just that for your friends to start spilling some tea. Watch your home transform into a wonderland of fun and quirkiness with our range of cool homewares.


Brighten up your home with a collection of curated homewares hand-picked especially for the art-lovers

Founded back in 2003 in Melbourne, we've been carefully selecting modern artwork for your home, sending items to art-lovers like yourself from Texas to Tahiti, and everywhere in between! Our founder, Abi, has a particular knack for spotting great art! This has led to some great collaborations with artists around the world, who are not afraid to bend the constructs and give the Man the finger - creating a seriously funky collection of artsy home decor and interesting homewares online, to say the least!


Modern artwork for your home that will never go out of style

Whether it's for yourself, your friend, your colleague, your boss, your mum, these homewares art are statement pieces that will never go out of style! We're not your average run of the mill homewares store but why be dull when you can be artsy, cool, vibrant and bold instead? Third Drawer Down is here to make sure you're never ever boring, ever again.


Turn heads with Third Drawer Down's unique collection of homewares online

At Third Drawer Down, we are constantly inspired by amazing artists, who aren't scared of challenging gender, racial and social barriers through their work of art. This has transformed into some of the greatest pieces of modern art of this generation. Through our collection of artsy home decor from these artists, we hope we can inspire you to do the same. Check out our range of homewares online that will make you chuckle and smile!