• I Went Out For A Bit Tote Bag x David Shrigley

I Went Out For A Bit Tote Bag x David Shrigley

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PRE-ORDER: Available September 2021 


A soft and sturdy staple for any David Shrigley fan, this tote bag says it all. Let everyone know your movements with the "I Went Out For A Bit And Then I Came Back" tote.


- 100% Cotton

- Packaged with swing tag

- 36 x 42 cm

About the Artist

David Shrigley is known for his drawings, publications and sculptural works featuring the kind of throwaway beauty that spotlights aliens, idiots, monster children and bad parents. Since first collaborating with Third Drawer Down Studio in 2007, Shrigley's works have remained a favourite for their humorous angst and cynicism about the disappointments of everyday life.

Customer Reviews

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Pink bag now!

On way instructions of this bag it says was on 30 so I did and I even put a colour catcher in with it and the white is now baby pink and it’s shrunk to half the size.I love David shrigley so like a sucker I’ve bought another one and just have to put up with the marks I’ll end up getting on it.
Do not wash in washing machine like it say you can!