Wall Art

Are you a sucker for homewares wall art?

We've got you covered here at Third Drawer Down if you, just like us, are real suckers for some cool UK wall art. However, we like to do things a bit differently here. We're not here to abide by the norms and the rules of wall art - we're here to make a statement! And one bold enough that definitely will make heads turn and conversations going.


Wall hangings to look up to

If you're a nonconformist like we are and are after some wall art by artists, gather round 'coz we got the goods for you! Our range of wall paintings for your home doesn't stop at pictures in frames, no my friend, far far from it! Third Drawer Down's collection includes tea towels from Magda Archer that can be stretched and framed and Yayoi Kusama's Women Wait for Love ceramic plate and many more eclectic prints from amazing artists.


Add a splash of extraordinary to your wall

If you think we're saying that our cool UK wall art will make your house look a million bucks (euros, pounds, you got it!), then yep, ding ding ding! You are so right! We are for sure saying that! Nah, we joke but it will definitely make your wall look seriously outstanding, super artsy and fun! Curated especially for art lovers since 2003, we have collaborated with leading and influential artists of our generations to bring you la crème de la crème of wall art!


Buy wall art online today at Third Drawer Down

Explore our eye-catching range of wall paintings for home online today at Third Drawer Down. If you're unsure about a product in particular and want to enquire a bit more about our wall art by artists, send us an email at drawer@thirddrawerdown.com. Our team will happily be in touch to help you out. Until then, ta-ta!